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About Us


Speci® is a luxury streetwear company located in Charleroi that was formed in 2022 with the goal of delivering high-quality, ecological, and sustainable clothes with vintage accents and athletic silhouettes.


Our love for the planet and our environmental mission have always been our top priorities.

Millions of clothing items are purchased daily, and with three out of every five t-shirts purchased today being discarded within 12 months, a dump truck of clothing is tossed every second.


But with Speci®, our products are created from natural materials and renewable energy, and every product we make is planned from the outset to be returned when worn out . We will reward you with a discount to use on your next purchase, you are insured for a lifetime with the purchase of any of our items.


With the material we recover, we create new goods. The concept is straightforward. Instead of producing additional garbage, turn it into new goods.


We also hope to inspire people to have the bravery to discover what lights their spark and feeds their desire to see the globe and create unforgettable experiences. Do you believe you can assist us in reaching our goal?


Then you've come to the correct spot.

Our product are intended to be returned to us as it worns out.

It is free to return our items to us, and we cover the shipping in Belgium. We will recover and remanufacture the material into new items, and we will reward you with a discount to use on your next purchase.

Return an old merchandise to Speci

Return an item below, obtain Freepost returns instructions, and as a thank you for shipping the stuff back to us, we'll offer you a discount on your next purchase. It's quick and simple.